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About Alpesh

Alpesh Patel OBE has represented the United Kingdom since 1999 when the Prime Minister appointed him as dealmaker to The Department for International Trade to bring outstanding tech companies to the UK, which solve the world's biggest problems. Mr. Patel left being a barrister to educate people on financial literacy for social mobility and co-founded the UK chapter of the world's largest entrepreneur mentoring organisation ( He is a private equity and hedge fund founder with a focus on cleantech, sustainability, and social impact. Mr. Patel has his own dedicated shows on Bloomberg & Sky, is a CNBC co-host, and has spent five years as a Financial Times columnist.

Alpesh's Articles

With UK inflation at 9% and the US slightly behind, we're all feeling the effects of the cost of living crisis, states Alpesh Patel, OBE, Member of the UK Dept for International Trade.
2022 has been the year of inflation while we are only halfway through the year, but the UK's inflation rate has soared to 9%, a level not seen since the early 1980s, states Alpesh Patel, OBE, Member of the UK Dept for International Trade.
Since peaking at almost $300 per share in July 2022, PayPal (PAY) has dropped nearly 80%, states Alpesh Patel, OBE, Member of the UK Dept for International Trade.

Alpesh's Videos

Hedge Fund CEO Alpesh Patel met and interviewed leading hedge fund managers, then the Financial Times published it—what do the winning traders have in common that will work in these volatile markets?

There are 9,000 companies but only 15 should be in your portfolio. Join Financial Times competition winner, Alpesh Patel, OBE, for a discussion on how to filter the best stocks. During the session he will also touch on why fund managers often under-perform and what the research shows works best when it comes to investing over the years.

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Alpesh Patel, OBE

7 Simple Strategies of Highly Effective Traders

A practical guide to the straightforward and winning strategies of successful tradersTrading is best kept simple and focused - that is the way to win. The most successful traders will
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