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Todd Gordon

Managing Director,

Ascent Wealth Partners, LLC

  • 20 Years of Wall Street Experience
  • Founder of
  • CNBC Contributor and Regular on Fast Money and Trading Nation

About Todd

Todd Gordon began his journey into the financial markets right out of college and has since amassed over 20 years of Wall Street experience. Early in his career he held a position at Gain Capital working as a fund manager, and later became the senior technical analyst at He has been a CNBC contributor for over a decade and can regularly be found on Fast Money and Trading Nation. He is the founder of, a market research and education company focused on Elliott Wave and Fibonacci market analysis.

Todd's Videos

Todd Gordon describes his approach to discovering and sharing trading signals. He says that it is important to own your losses as well as your success.
In today's headline and tweet-driven market environment, you may find it hard to sidestep the constant barrage of information in order to rise above the daily volatility. Todd Gordon will take you through the 3-steps of his active portfolio management style which will help you avoid the noise and see the market for what it actually is.
With twin boys, a baby girl, and nearly 20 years in the trenches trading his personal capital, frequent CNBC guest and professional options savant Todd Gordon knows what it takes to stay balanced and focused. Trading requires humility and flexibility in analytical methodologies and trading vehicles. Todd describes his approach to stock and options trading and shows how YOU can excel in today's challenging and volatile markets by applying some of the same concepts.