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David Kotok

Co-Founder and CIO,

Cumberland Advisors

  • Chief Investment Officer of Cumberland Advisors
  • Frequent Contributor to Bloomberg TV, Bloomberg Radio, and Yahoo Finance
  • Author of From Bear to Bull with ETFs

About David

David R. Kotok is the co-founder and CIO of Cumberland Advisors, founded in 1973. His financial market commentaries have appeared in the New York Times and the Wall Street JournalMr. Kotok is a contributor to Bloomberg TV and Bloomberg Radio, Yahoo Finance TV and their online reporting, and other media.

David's Videos

American voters determine their next president in less than a year. But Wall Street and Main Street are already paying close attention to every poll and candidate proclamation. And no wonder? They’re hoping to get a better handle on potential outcomes and potential market reactions—and to best position their portfolios for the likeliest path going forward. This panel will explore the likelihood of President Biden or former President Trump earning a second term...or a “Dark Horse” candidate winning the White House. Panel members will also explore the ramifications for taxes, spending, geopolitics, and markets of each scenario—and what investors like you should do to adapt.
Long Covid symptoms lasting more than 30 days-and sometimes for years-are a developing post-Covid pandemic shock to the economy and have implications for financial markets. The latest estimates suggest that the United States will have 10 million persons with Long Covid, and about half of them will be in the labor force. They will be temporarily, partially, or permanently disabled. David Kotok will discuss these developing implications.

Interest rates are critical to asset prices. Where are they going and what is Fed policy? What does it mean for the stock market? David Kotok will offer his views.

With the new president in office, you want to be prepared for the impact that politics-and the election results-will have on your portfolio. This panel will dissect who the winners and losers might be under the new administration.