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Ralph Acampora

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  • Godfather of Technical Analysis
  • Market Analytics Development Pioneer
  • Co-Founder of Market Technicians Association

About Ralph

Ralph Acampora started on Wall Street in 1967. He literally 'taught the street' technical analysis at the New York Institute of Finance ("The School of Wall Street") for five decades. He was a permanent panelist on the popular TV show, Wall Street Week with Louis Rukeyser, and worked as director of technical research for Kidder, Peabody & Co., Prudential Securities, and Knight Capital. Mr. Acampora is often quoted on CNBC and FOX Business.

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Historically, after major wars, our country experiences a population that wants to put all of the bad memories and experiences behind them and live a new and better life. The stock market did exceptionally well after these national calamites ended. We are on the verge of ending our battle against Covid-19 and the public wants to go out and have fun, spend money, and invest in the stock market.
Ralph Acampora is director of technical studies at the New York Institute of Finance, also known as the "School of Wall Street." Hear what the "Godfather of Technical Analysis" has to say about the leading and lagging sectors, market leadership, and stocks. Find out what Dow Theory is telling us about the markets today and get a forecast of what to expect next.

Ralph's Books

Ralph Acampora

The Fourth Mega-Market, Now Through 2011: How Three Earlier Bull Markets Explain the Present and Predict the Future

Acampora coined the term mega-market to describe a bull market that lasts a minimum of ten years and a maximum of eighteen years with Dow gains of between 400% and 500%. In The Fourth Mega-Market, Acampora helps readers take advantage of the staggering performance of the current market by showing its similarities with the three previous mega-markets in American history.