Scott Andrews

CEO and Co-Founder,


  • Co-Founder of InvestiQuant, Originally Named Master The Gap in 2008
  • "Best Newcomer CTA in 2018" by HFM Global
  • Graduate of West Point and Army Veteran

About Scott

Scott Andrews is CEO of InvestiQuant, a financial technology firm established in 2008 that helps investors take advantage of the compelling portfolio benefits of automated trading strategies. Mr. Andrews pioneered the development of machine-learning techniques for short-term market forecasting and served as principal of a capital management firm that was recognized as Best Newcomer by HFM Global. Prior to InvestiQuant, he co-founded a software company and took it public on the NASDAQ exchange. Mr. Andrews earned his MBA from the University of North Carolina and is a graduate of West Point.

Scott's Articles

Veteran trader Scott Andrews explains why he trades on high expectancy and high probability setups and shares why he got the nickname, "The Gap Guy."
Gap Trader Scott Andrews explains the process he goes through in preparation before he even begins his day of trading.
Most traders have heard the adage, "Past performance may not be indicative of future results," however, Scott Andrews has found that it does more times than not.
By complementing proven gap-trading methods with other strategies that work in range-bound markets, Scott Andrews has gotten more well-rounded and able to trade different market conditions.

Scott's Videos

If you are concerned that 2022 was the beginning of the "The Great Unwind" and that most stocks and assets may struggle in years to come, you are not alone. Fortunately, advances in fin tech and A.I. are helping investors of all sizes empower their accounts with fully automated, self-learning hedge fund strategies using InvestiQuant's innovative autotrading programs. Unlike hedge funds, InvestiQuant's hands-free solutions systematically trade your account for you alongside our founders' accounts and hundreds of other investors. And, with 24/7 access and control of your capital at all times, you can be confident your investment is in good hands. Join former public tech company CEO, Scott Andrews, to see if this might be just the addition your portfolio needs.

It took 16 years for the NASDAQ to recover from its 80% "dot com" meltdown and 6 years for the S&P 500 after its 56% correction during the Great Recession. If this bear market follows suit, there's more selling to come in 2023. So, why not diversify with a portfolio solution that is a proven hedge (double-digit returns in 2022) for stock market exposure?

Unlike most alternatives, InvestiQuant's sophisticated, fully automated solutions trade your account for you--along with our founders' accounts and hundreds of other investors--providing you with 100% visibility, access, and control. Join former public tech company CEO, Scott Andrews, and see if an institutional quality auto-trading program might be just what your portfolio is missing.

Volatility and traditional diversification crushed most portfolios in 2022, but it doesn't have to be that way in 2023. Fourteen years ago, we made our name helping investors take advantage of the Great Recession using sophisticated, short-term strategies. These same techniques have generated impressive returns, >50% net verified gains, for iQ Meta (small investor program) in 2022.

Volatility and traditional diversification have crushed most portfolios this year, but it doesn't have to be that way in 2023. Fourteen years ago, we made our name helping investors of all sizes take advantage of the 2008 recession using sophisticated, short-term trading strategies. Advances in technology now allow our clients' accounts to be autotraded alongside our own, ensuring we all realize the exact same results on every trade. Best of all, all four of our programs are delivering stellar results, with our most popular program up +69% in verified gains YTD.

Join former public tech company CEO, Scott Andrews, and see if an institutional quality autotrading program might be a fit for you and your portfolio.