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Scott Andrews is the co-founder and CEO of InvestiQuant, Inc., an innovative financial technology company that helps investors systematically pursue their financial goals by using fully automated investment strategies. Prior to InvestiQuant, Mr. Andrews founded Master the Gap and SciQuest (symbol: SQI), which he took public as CEO. He has an MBA from the University of North Carolina and served as an Army Aviator after graduating from West Point.

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Trading: A Game of Probability

Veteran trader Scott Andrews explains why he trades on high expectancy and high probability setups and shares why he got the nickname, "The Gap Guy." ROB:  We often hear that trading i…

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What is in Play and What is Not

Gap Trader Scott Andrews explains the process he goes through in preparation before he even begins his day of trading. ROB:  I'm here with a trader that has a reputation for doing an immense am…

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Trading with History

Most traders have heard the adage, "Past performance may not be indicative of future results," however, Scott Andrews has found that it does more times than not. SPEAKER 1:  I’m …

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Tandem Strategies That Work More Often

By complementing proven gap-trading methods with other strategies that work in range-bound markets, Scott Andrews has gotten more well-rounded and able to trade different market conditions. We&rsquo…

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Range Set-ups to Add to Your Arsenal

Veteran trader Scott Andrews describes some reliable opening range set-ups that even gap, trend, or breakout traders may want to add in order to broaden their skill set. We’re talking about tr…

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Don’t Get Stuck in This Commodity Trade

Gap trading works nearly as well in the commodity space as it does in equities, says Scott Andrews, but getting on the wrong side of a limit-up or limit-down move could quickly spell disaster. We&r…

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2 Best Grain Markets for Gap Trading

Trader Scott Andrews uses a gap fading strategy to trade commodities like corn and soybeans, and here, he tells how to define stop placement and profit targets for such trades. Fading the gap in co…

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Big Gaps (Can) Mean Big Profits

Large and more infrequent "monster gaps" are scary and require a safer approach, explains Scott Andrews, but because of their big profit potential, traders may not want to simply avoid them.…