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About Jim

Jim Jubak started writing about the financial markets in 1984 at Venture magazine. In 1992, he authored In the Image of the Brain. After the publication, Mr. Jubak worked as senior financial editor at Worth magazine. While working at Worth, he wrote The Worth Guide to Computerized Investing. In May of 1997, he joined MSN Money as senior markets editor and started Jubak's Journal and Jubak's Picks portfolio. Mr. Jubak's latest book, Juggling with Knives: Smart Investing in the Coming Age of Volatility was published in January 2016. In 2009, he left MSN Money to start his own Web site, and three stock portfolios (the third is a dividend income portfolio).

Jim's Articles

This once fast food king's turnaround presentation was disappointing for anyone who wanted to hear a concrete plan for revising sales, but MoneyShow's Jim Jubak points out that it was also extremely useful because it delineated how hard this turnaround will be to accomplish.
MoneyShow's Jim Jubak reviews Japan's efforts to weaken the yen and provides a strategy for any weak yen investments.
Greek bond prices plunged today and yields soared, and MoneyShow's Jim Jubak points out that the big danger in today's bond market numbers is that it could negate the effects of the European Central Bank's program of asset purchases.
The stock of this Japanese auto manufacturer has been a pretty good play on the weaker yen and even though the BOJ looks like it has lost its belief in its own weak yen policy, MoneyShow's Jim Jubak thinks there are still two reasons to hold onto the stock.

Jim's Videos

Join Jim Jubak to learn new strategies for generating income and for retirement investing-and why we need them!
In a market without much in the way of trend, no one believes anything, says Jim Jubak, who points out that many investors focus on numbers rather than momentum.
Just look at the first quarter—the worst start to the year for the S&P 500 ever and yet change of less than 1% for the quarter and the year to March 2015. Expect more of the same ahead.
Jim Jubak highlights his new book, Juggling with Knives and discusses two key points in regards to the Fed.