Brendan Coffey

Chief Analyst,

Cabot Heritage Corporation

About Brendan

Brendan Coffey is a Certified Financial Technician (CFTe), representing extended study and achievement in technical analysis of securities. He combines technical and fundamental analysis in pursuit of a long-held passion for environmental and ESG stocks. In addition to ESG, Mr. Coffey conducts proprietary research into billionaire-owned stocks, SPACs, sports-related equities, and other sectors. He has been in the investment business for over 25 years, including as an investment advisory editor, investor, and writer for — and about — some of Wall Street's most influential minds. Mr. Coffey has written about investments and market for Forbes, Businessweek, Fortune, The Wall Street Journal and numerous other outlets.

Brendan's Articles

FuelCell Energy (FCEL) — a favorite growth pick for the coming year — has been around for more than 50 years and is one of the pioneers of commercial development of fuel cells, the battery-like generators of hydrogen-based electricity, explains Brendan Coffey, CFTe, editor and analyst of SX Greentech Advisor.
If there’s one thing that investors learn—either the easy way or hard way—is that you can make more money owning the pick-and-shovel companies than you can the prospector,  and the same is true in the quickly growing sector of deepwater drilling, writes Brendan Coffey of Cabot Global Energy Investor.
When you can marry technologies and energy in a unique way, you can create some powerful growth potential, observes Brendan Coffey of Cabot Global Energy Investor.
This company’s product can double the output of some oil wells, which is increasingly important as we need to move to less and less hospitable places to find our crude, writes Brendan Coffey of Cabot Global Energy Investor.