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About Andy

W.A. Westmoreland is the founder and CEO of TM2 Squared Inc., established in 1996. Mr. Westmoreland began his oil and gas endeavors in 1989. He has over 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry from field operations to sales and marketing.

Andy's Videos

Learn more about this long-time producing oil project that is getting a makeover. See how TM2, is creating an investment opportunity that can provide you 2.5 times your investment and is 100% tax deductible. 

In this presentation, Andy Moreland will discuss income-producing properties that generate monthly income as reworks, and have active tax benefits, along with one property that is offering carried working interest.

Join Andy Westmoreland to learn about tax-deductible investment opportunities in Oil & Gas with high returns.
Join W.A. Westmoreland, CEO of TM2, Inc., to learn about a 100% tax deductible opportunity from ordinary income, while creating monthly revenue, and has 4-5:1 ROI. You will discover other investment prospects, such as a $300 thousand non-drilling risk Lease Bank Program, and how you can earn up to 15% and override as well. Mr. Westmoreland will also be offering a special MoneyShow discount to all in attendance, which with a lower capital investment, this low-risk opportunity has potential to increase your ROI. Be sure to tune in!