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Jack Crooks is the founder and president of Black Swan Capital, a foreign exchange and currency market advisory firm. A seasoned financial advisor with over 20 years of investment experience, he uses both quantitative and qualitative approaches to determine the fundamental driving force(s) behind the movement of the currency, capital, and commodities markets. Mr. Crooks is the co-editor of the Black Swan Capital Currency Strategist and the free daily e-letter, Currency Currents. He also founded Ross International Asset Management, a discretionary money management firm specializing in global stock, bond, and currency asset management for retail clients. Previously, Mr. Crooks was general manager of Plexus Trading, where he specialized in currency futures and commodities trading. During his successful career, he served as chief currency and futures strategist of M2 Futures Inc., an investment boutique headquartered in Chicago, as well as vice president of Global Strategic Research for an international investment boutique, where he was responsible for providing daily advice and global strategy analysis. Mr. Crooks has written extensively on the subject of global currencies and international economics and has been published in Asian Times, Futures magazine, Barron's, Bloomberg, Dow Jones Newswire, and across many financial Web sites. He has also appeared on Bloomberg TV, CNBC, and FOX Business News. Mr. Crooks holds a Bachelor's degree in finance from Florida State University and an MBA from the University of North Texas.

Jack's Articles

Just maybe the U.S. will grow a lot faster than expected in 2018. The framework is there for a self-feeding virtuous flow of money into America. If you are a long-term U.S. dollar bear, you may want to be a cautious one, writes Jack Crooks of Black Swan Capital Tuesday. 
The pound has acted well against the dollar in the midst of Brexit. Friday was a reversal day. I am targeting the 1.2800 level; but on a major sentiment swing, coupled with dollar bullishness, a bigger break would not surprise, writes Jack Crooks of Black Swan Capital. 
If we have seen a bottom in 10-year benchmark yields, and are in the midst of a new secular bull-trend higher in interest rates, gold could really get clobbered--$700 anyone? writes Jack Crooks of Black Swan Capital. Watch his TradersExpo presentation and currency outlook.
Let’s just imagine that is correct—the earth has entered a cooling cycle. If that proves true, and you buy and hold commodities, your wealthy grandchildren will thank you for being a “climate denier,” writes Jack Crooks of Black Swan Capital.

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At TradersExpo Las Vegas, Jack Crooks talks about the US dollar, currency pair forecasts, how the Japanese yen may weaken, opportunity in the British pound. The euro is an open question.
At TradersExpo Las Vegas, Jack Crooks shares ideas on forex, currency markets, global macros, spot markets. Over the next couple of weeks we could see a strong US dollar.
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