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Hilary Kramer is an investment analyst and portfolio manager with 30 years of experience on Wall Street. The Financial Times describes Ms. Kramer as "A one-woman financial investment powerhouse" and The Economist distinguishes her as "One of the best-known investors in America." Her products with Eagle Financial Publications include GameChangers, Value Authority, High Octane Trader, Turbo Trader, and Inner Circle. Ms. Kramer is often quoted in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Bloomberg, and Reuters. She is a frequent guest commentator on CNBC, CBS, Fox News, and Bloomberg, providing investment insight and economic analysis.

Hilary's Articles

Vocera Communications (VCRA) revolves around modernizing the way healthcare professionals communicate, explains Hilary Kramer, growth stock expert and editor of GameChangers.
From a single variety store that was opened 60 years ago in Norfolk, Virginia, Dollar Tree (DLTR) has grown into a chain of more than 15,600 retail discount stores in 48 states and five Canadian provinces, notes Hilary Kramer, editor of Value Authority — and a participant in The MoneyShow Orlando Conference on June 10-12. Learn more here.
Turnarounds are stocks that can often do well in any market environment. I believe that I have a good one for our new selection — Juniper Networks (JNPR), explains Hilary Kramer, editor of Value Authority.
Mueller Industries (MLI) may not be a household name. And, while this small-cap stock ($2.5 billion) is somewhat obscure, the company has been around since 1917, notes Hilary Kramer, a leading growth stock expert and editor of GameChangers.

Hilary's Videos

As conventional venture capital funds pile into the hottest start-up prospects, waiting for the IPO window isn't always a great option. We've done extremely well with "back door" offerings that bypass Wall Street, and now the rules are relaxing as regulators acknowledge that this system for matching investors with opportunities is the future. Hilary Kramer, author of the best-selling GameChanger Investing and editor of IPO Edge, has earned elite subscribers a lot of triple-digit wins in her career. Now she's eager to take those rarefied returns up another level, taking you into realms once reserved for the ultimate market insiders.
The FANG has peaked as the wave of innovation that shaped the modern Silicon Valley landscape no longer moves the trillion-dollar needle. Traders looking for real sizzle are hungry for the young and disruptive stocks that can grow into the giants of tomorrow, as long as you have the foresight to seize the opportunities a truly open chart provides. Can you cut through the IPO hype to weigh what a freshly listed company is worth? How high can euphoria take a new stock before the bubble bursts? Hilary Kramer, author of the best-selling GameChanger Investing and editor of IPO Edge, has spent this Covid year racking up triple-digit wins avoiding big tech and without taking on leverage. Now she's ready to share her secrets.
Hilary Kramer breaks down her approach to finding growth stocks. It comes down to research, research research. Kramer says a great sing of a strong stock is early growth.
Money is a really important subject that nobody ever wants to talk about. But if you're ever going to take charge of your finances and have a comfortable future, it's important to master the concepts and strategies that can help you make more money, put you in control, and improve your life. This panel will discuss specific strategies and investment picks that will allow you to dampen risk without giving up solid gains.

Hilary's Books

Hilary Kramer

GameChanger Investing: How to Profit from Tomorrow's Billion-Dollar Trends

Wall Street seems short on vision these days. Investors are living day to day, planning no further than the next quarterly earnings reports. That’s no way to invest. Former investment banker and hedge fund manager Hilary Kramer advocates a different approach: GameChanger Investing. Based on her thirty-plus years managing billions of investment dollars
Hilary Kramer

The Little Book of Big Profits from Small Stocks Website: Why You'll Never Buy a Stock Over $10 Again

Low-priced gems, or what author Hilary Kramer calls "breakout stocks" come in all kinds of shapes and sizes but they all have three things in common: (1) they are mostly under $10; (2) they are undervalued; and (3) they have specific catalysts in the near future that put them on the threshold of breaking out to much higher prices. In The Little Book of Big

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