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Larry Gaines

Founder & CEO,

Power Cycle Trading

  • Ran One of the World's Largest Oil Trading Groups
  • Educates Over 1,000,000 Traders
  • Traded Professionally for More than Three Decades

About Larry

Larry Gaines traded professionally for over three decades and ran the international trading desk for one of the largest oil trading companies in the world while serving as executive vice president. Mr. Gaines founded in 2010 and has taught thousands of traders his directional option trading process. He provides top quality trading education based on his proven proprietary directional trading model and option strategies designed to provide high returns on low, defined, risk.

Larry's Articles

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Larry's Videos

The Calendar and Calendar Diagonal Option Spreads allow you to adjust your trading or investing plan to be positioned for a stock's reversal ahead of the herd. They're the perfect income strategy for traders or investors and can provide your trades an unmatched timing edge that allows a stock to generate income during any sideways market action but still be positioned for big gains once the stock makes its move. All while getting paid while you wait! Join Larry Gaines to discover how to correctly use these directional option income strategies to generate a more consistent monthly income stream with a lot less risk than the old normal of always just trying to buy low and sell high.
As his trading career has evolved, Larry Gaines has found that he is best suited to a 'stealth trading' approach.
Larry Gaines from PowerCycle Trading puts his main emphasis on risk, which helps him choose the best investments to trade.