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About Hail

Hail Yang joined BlackRock in 2011.  He is a director at BlackRock where he leads product consulting, content, and strategic product positioning for the Canadian iShares business.  Mr. Yang and his team are responsible for providing ETF subject matter expertise across the entire Canadian-listed iShares ETF range, covering all asset classes and strategies, and including topics such as index construction, product structure, regulation, tax, performance, risk, foreign exchange, and portfolio construction, amongst others.  He also led the effort to bring iShares' Canadian-listed ESG ETF range to market, which has grown from a single exposure a few years ago to over 15 sustainable ETFs today.  

Hail's Videos

Don’t miss this provoking session about portfolio planning, as we look back on 2022 and 2023 and how those years may have impacted Canadian investors’ views of risk. MoneySense senior editor Justin Dallaire talks with Hail Yang, Director, iShares Product Consulting at BlackRock Canada, about how to build a resilient portfolio—not just for 2024 but for the long term.