Mark Freeman

Executive Vice President, Chief Investment Officer,

Westwood Holdings Group, Inc.

About Mark

Mark Freeman is executive vice president and chief investment officer at Westwood Holdings Group, an institutional asset management firm located in Dallas, TX. At Westwood, he oversees all investment and research functions and serves as senior portfolio manager for the income and large-cap funds. In addition, Mr. Freeman is responsible for developing the firm's economic outlook. He joined Westwood in 1999 and is a member of the firm's asset allocation and business management committees.

Mark's Videos

In the past, dividends and tech stocks were rarely ever said in the same sentence. But that has changed as fast-growing tech and healthcare companies have matured and started paying dividends in greater numbers. This means it's time to update your dividend strategy. This panel led by Money magazine assistant managing editor Paul Lim will discuss how to incorporate new economy stocks wisely into your dividend plan and how to modernize your dividend strategy through new ETFs that give you exposure to faster-growing segments of the global markets.
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