Anthony Sassine

Senior Investment Strategist,


About Anthony

Anthony Sassine joined KraneShares in 2019 as a senior investment strategist, where he is responsible for conducting research and market analysis on China's capital markets, supporting clients, and advising on asset allocation and model portfolios. Prior to joining KraneShares, Mr. Sassine spent eight years at Van Eck and Pinebridge as a product strategist focusing on emerging markets equity and debt. At Van Eck, he oversaw the growth of the firm's emerging markets active business and helped grow the emerging markets equity fund from $250 million to $3 billion. His responsibilities then and now include asset class research, competitive analysis, portfolio analysis, and advising clients on building emerging markets exposures.

Anthony's Videos

Cost reduction, stricter emissions regulations, government incentives, and the rollout of new and affordable models bring EVs within reach of the mass consumer. One analogy commonly used to describe such an inflection point is "hockey stick growth," where the distant awareness of a trend suddenly crystalizes into mainstream acceptance as the phenomenon takes off. This year, EVs are moving out of the future and into the driveways of the masses.

In this presentation, Anthony Sassine of KraneShares will cover:

  • Why 2021 may finally be the tipping point for global EV adoption.
  • Components of the electric vehicle ecosystem, including car manufacturers, battery makers, raw materials, vehicle connectivity suppliers, alternative renewable energy sources including hydrogen, and more.
  • The global landscape: key EV manufacturers and components suppliers that are commanding substantial global market share that you may have never heard about.