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Darrell Martin

CEO & Founder

Apex Investing Institute


Darrell Martin coined the phrase "diagnostic investing." He defines "diagnostic investing" as looking at how fundamental investors, technical investors, statistical investors, and seasonal investors look at the market and then using that knowledge to help more accurately establish an investing plan. His trading doctrine relies on research-based quantitative trading methods and forward thinking. Mr. Martin has designed multiple algorithm based trades such as forex triangular arbitrage, futures-forex carry and reverse carry arbitrage, international commodity-forex arbitrage, forex-option box arbitrage, stock option and forex option gamma scalping, the profit popper and trend catcher, the apex signal, and the one pattern for all markets. He has also designed unique patterns and indicators for investing and trading such as the apex pattern which he applies to all time frames on all markets, a volatile trend line indicator, and a choppy market warning indicator that uses the securities underlying options to help alert of upcoming choppiness in various markets.

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