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Committee to Unleash Prosperity

  • Senior Economic Advisor to President Donald J. Trump
  • Former Senior Economic Writer, The Wall Street Journal
  • Worth’s 40 Most Influential Leaders on Global Finance & Economic Policy

About Stephen

Stephen Moore served as a senior economic advisor to Donald Trump and was a member of the President's Economic Recovery Task Force. He is the author of Trumponomics: Inside the America First Strategy to Revise Our Economy. Mr. Moore formerly wrote on the economy and public policy for The Wall Street Journal and served on the Journal editorial board from 2005-2014. From 2015-2017 he served as chief economist for the Heritage Foundation. He is the founder and former president of the Club for Growth, which raises money for political candidates that favor free-market economic policies. Mr. Moore has served as a senior economist on the Congressional Joint Economic Committee and as a senior economic fellow at the Cato Institute, where he published dozens of studies on federal and state tax and budget policy. He is the author of five other books including The End of Prosperity. Mr. Moore received the Republican National Committee award of Great Communicator. He was named by Worth Magazine in 2019 as one of the top 50 influencers in global financial affairs.

Stephen's Videos

Inflation. Growth. Credit. These are three key forces that will impact America’s economic outlook in 2024. The only question Will cooling inflation allow the Federal Reserve to not only stop raising interest rates, but potentially cut them? Will growth slow, but not grind to a halt, encouraging stock investors to take on more risk? Will the credit markets continue to tighten, without seizing up? Get the answers YOU need to those questions and more in this hard-hitting panel featuring top economists and investment strategists. Then put the guidance you receive to work in your portfolio in 2024.
Inflation appears to be with us for many months to come—here and abroad. This changes the investment calculations. Where did inflation come from? How long will it be here? How do you make money in an inflationary environment.

Stephen's Books

Stephen Moore

Bullish on Bush: How George Bush's Owenership Society Will Make America Stronger

In a spirited and compelling fashion, Bullish on Bush sets the record straight on the stunning success of President Bush's tax cut policies. It also provides the first comprehensive analysis of George W. Bush's bold second term economic agenda to create a broad-based Ownership Society in America and explains how Bush's tax relief policies have helped the ec
Stephen Moore

Moore vs. Krugman

What happens when a leading conservative economist goes mano a mano with today’s most influential exponent of left-liberal economics, over free markets versus government interventionism? Here are highlights of that showdown between Stephen Moore of the Heritage Foundation and Paul Krugman, Nobel laureate.