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About Lindsey

Lindsey Bell, Ally Invest's chief investment strategist, is responsible for leading the firm's investment content strategy. Previously, Ms. Bell was an investment strategist and head of portfolio management at CFRA Research (formerly part of the S&P Global). With a broad-based background in finance she worked at JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank, Jefferies and TheStreet. Ms. Bell is also a CNBC contributor and BetterInvesting board member.

Lindsey's Articles

The fear of heating inflation and higher interest rates that fueled investor worries in the early months of 2018 as tax cuts were put into place have long been forgotten, explains Lindsey Bell, an analyst with CFRA Research.
Energy was the worst performing sector in 2018, but the sector found new life in the beginning of 2019, writes Lindsey Bell who will be speaking at the MoneyShow Orlando Feb. 7-10.
Fed Chair Jerome Powell, former Fed Chair Janet Yellen and former Chair of the FDIC Sheila Bair, have all highlighted a concern for corporate debt levels, notes Lindsey Bell. Bell will be speaking at the MoneyShow Orlando Feb. 7-10.
Value vs. growth style for 2019? Regardless of which style you believe will be the winner in the next 6-12 months, CFRA has research on several ETFs that will fit your needs, writes Lindsey Bell. She's presenting at MoneyShow Orlando Feb. 8.

Lindsey's Videos

2021 has been a winner for those invested in the stock market and things look poised for a strong finish to the year. After a blockbuster year for earnings and economic growth, things are expected to normalize as 2022 unfolds. The impact on the investing landscape may be less dramatic than one might think. Lindsey Bell will take a deeper look at the growth picture and what it might mean for various sectors and industries.
Money is a really important subject that nobody ever wants to talk about. But if you're ever going to take charge of your finances and have a comfortable future, it's important to master the concepts and strategies that can help you make more money, put you in control, and improve your life. This panel will discuss specific strategies and investment picks that will allow you to dampen risk without giving up solid gains.
Lindsey Bell breaks down the sectors to follow for the rest of the year. Why she saw the weakness in energy and what to can you expect for the rest
Valuations and forward P/E ratios suggests that Healthcare will be a healthy sector moving forward. Despite the political risk created by healthcar