Chris Christensen

CEO and Founder,

iCap Equity

About Chris

Chris Christensen is the CEO and founder of iCap Equity. He has extensive experience with real estate finance, development, and construction, with a 17-year record of structuring private debt and equity transactions as both an attorney and fund manager. Mr. Christensen holds a BS degree in economics, a JD, and a Masters in international business.

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iCap Vault is a new type of investment product that offers investors an above-market rate of interest, with the ability to access their funds at any time. It utilizes an innovative structure in which investor funds are secured by the company's portfolio of high-quality, income-producing real estate assets and investments. Investors can easily move money by simply linking their bank account to their iCap Vault account, enabling them to earn more on the cash they need ready access to.

Today's low interest rates create a challenging environment for investors looking for reliable sources of investment income and the Fed is predicting that interest rates will remain at their historic lows for the foreseeable future. Chris Christensen will discuss why increasing your asset allocation into income producing real estate investments is a great strategy in these conditions.

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