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Tom Hougaard is a full-time private high-stake trader and the author ofLoser Wins. He is the winner of multiple trading competitions and on one occasion traded £25,000 into more than £1 million over the course of a year. While the average retail trader risks £10 per point in the underlying asset, Mr. Hougaard frequently risks up to £3,500 per point. This risk exposure requires a mindset that is out of the ordinary. He provides a unique and refreshingly personal account of how an ordinary trader elevated his game to incredible heights by focusing as much on his mental approach as on his technical analysis.

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A former floor trader with seven decades of trading experience (1960-2022) will share his trading tools and risk control methodology. In an age of tweets, you've been outmoded. In 2022, the price action in Financial Markets is controlled by algorithms, making it much more difficult for you to make money. It's like going to war holding a hammer against an army equipped with M4 carbines, and for most who try, it's death by a thousand cuts. Most traders using ABCD patterns and ratios see only entry and stop mechanisms, completely missing out on the two biggest edges of all, hidden in plain sight. In financial markets, it's not what you think that matters; it's how you think.