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Howard Tullman

General Managing Partner,


  • Founded Over 12 Successful High-Tech Companies
  • Ran 1871 - #1 Tech Incubator in World
  • Weekly INC. Magazine Tech Columnist for 8 Years

About Howard

Howard A. Tullman is the former CEO of 1871, a tech incubator in Chicago ranked number one in the world, and the general managing partner for two early-stage venture funds. He is also the past chairman/CEO of Tribeca Flashpoint College and Kendall College. Over the last 50 years, Mr. Tullman has successfully founded more than a dozen high-tech companies. He has written a weekly column for INC. Magazine for the last eight years on entrepreneurship and technology.

Howard's Videos

2022 was a difficult year for technology investors and the technology sector as a whole. Private and public valuations fell as founders and funders questioned their prior exuberance, while companies laid off workers and shelved some investment projects. Will the tech retrenchment continue in 2023? Or will a tech sector renaissance follow? What forces will drive action in the space...and which new visionary products and services could tip the scales for the better? Find out in this informative and interactive panel discussion.

The only constant in our futures will be constant change. Understanding, evaluating, and anticipating the impact of the rapidly accelerating and disruptive changes on our lives and businesses which are being driven by emerging technologies will be crucial to securing your portfolio and assuring your future success.
The pandemic has offered millions of business owners, investors, and employees a once-in-a-lifetime chance to review, revise, and reset their lifetime goals both in terms of employment, retirement, and investment objectives. The priority in the refresh and renew process is to have a clear understanding of your own values, philosophy, and approach to life which will then readily translate into appropriate, consistent, and gratifying investment strategies. Howard Tullman offers a dozen guidelines (The Perspiration Principles) which provide a great starting point for the journey, and one that's valuable for every member of your family as well.

Howard Tullman's successful 50-year background in innovation, venture investing, and disruptive technologies across a dozen major industries (including insurance, employment, automotive, media, education, and health care) has made him an outstanding guide to what changes new technologies will make in the ways we live, work, and invest and what exciting investment opportunities those changes will create.

Howard's Books

Howard Tullman

You Can't Win a Race With Your Mouth: And 299 Other Expert Tips from a Lifelong Entrepreneur

300 straightforward, plain-spoken principles which are crucial to the successful launching and development of a new start-up today in almost any technology-driven marketplace. Tullman's 50 years of valuable and profitable experience relating to new business development, technology, people, products and services, customer satisfaction and just about everything else there is to the art of being a serial entrepreneur are the powerful foundation for a different kind of how-to bo
Howard Tullman

The Perspiration Principles (Volume XV): You Get What You Work For, Not What You Wish For

Howard Tullman is now into his second year as CEO of Chicago's digital startup hub, 1871. His time-tested business advice continues into 2015 with the newest volume in the Perspiration Principles series. It includes the now long-standing tradition of Tullman's direct, to the point, and sometimes "in your face" advice to new and seasoned entrepreneurs as well about every aspect of the startup business and the culture which enables it as well.