Jim Osman

Founder and Portfolio Lead,

The Edge Consulting Group

  • Founded The Edge in 2005
  • 3 Decades of Industry Expertise
  • Educated at The London Business School

About Jim

Jim Osman and his company, The Edge, analyze strategic company change events that cause stock prices to move higher and create hidden value for the investor. These can be spinoffs, turnarounds, restructurings, management change, and a whole host of similar events not normally seen by mainstream Wall Street analysts that have proven to make substantial returns. He founded the firm in 2005 and has over 25 years of analyzing companies as well as managing money. He has appeared in Barron's, WSJ, and Bloomberg, and is a passionate fund raiser for The Alzheimer's Association.

Jim's Videos

Spinoff transactions are the new IPOs. Little is heard about them because they are not manufactured like IPOs and provide no income for brokers initially. However, they remain one of the most interesting places to hunt for outsize returns. Buffett, Greenblatt & Lynch are among many high-profile investors who mention Spinoffs. Hear why you should be looking too.

In these tough times where macro events are overcrowding everything, investors need to have more than just a rising market for returns. Analysing individual companies and looking at what can move the price to value are key elements of stock picking outperformance. Jim Osman will show you what to look for.
Buying value in a bear market is the correct strategy. There is a natural downside protection. Buying value with a catalyst gives you a greater return. Spinoffs have proved this time and time again. Jim Osman will show you where to look to find these hidden investments.