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Certus Trading, Inc.

  • Founder & Chief Strategist of Certus Trading
  • Over 17 Years Trading Experience
  • Contributing Author of The Winning Way

About Matt

Matt Choi is the founder and chief strategist of Certus Trading, a trading education company dedicated to helping traders achieve consistent winning results. As a CMT, Mr. Choi has over 20 years of experience trading. He is also the co-author of The Winning Way, an Amazon best-seller.

Matt's Videos

Abraham Lincoln ranks among the top three Presidents of the United States, known for his patience and immaculate preparation to push through his agenda.

He once said: "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe." Abraham Lincoln.

Isn't that especially true for trading options? Those who trade options on a whim with no rules and no plan will become food for Wall Street, often blowing out their accounts within months.

On the other hand, successful traders spend months and sometimes years mastering a few strategies before risking a dime in the markets.

In his keynote presentation, Matt Choi, CMT will demo a proven options strategy that leverages decades of data and statistics.

Although it will take some time for you to fully grasp this quantitative methodology when it is mastered, you will be able to consistently find high probability winning setups using options.

If you are interested in learning a data-proven options strategy, join Matt's presentation and he'll walk you through step-by-step how this is done.

Hyperinflation has arrived. In the past year alone, average home prices have jumped more than 20%, food costs 30% more, and price at the pumps have doubled to four bucks per gallon. Make no mistake, the only way to beat hyperinflation is to earn more than the actual price increase of all goods and services. To out earn hyperinflation, it requires more aggressive strategies such as using options to limit risks and amplify our capital.

In his keynote presentation, Matt Choi, CMT will demo an aggressive (and accurate) options strategy that can beat hyperinflation. Matt will walk through his methodology from finding the right setup to execution, and ultimately exiting the trade. The goal is to give you a complete strategy to combat hyperinflation today.

Prerequisite: Basic/Intermediate Options Trading

Have you ever heard of any trader who made it big by playing defence only? I didn't think so. Successful traders attack the markets as soon as they see an opportunity with a three-step approach:

  1. Identify a stock's direction (quickly).
  2. Evaluate the timing and magnitude of the move.
  3. Attack the opportunity (using options).

During his keynote presentation, Matt Choi will demonstrate a complete options strategy that you can use right now in this volatile environment. After attending Matt's training, you'll have the knowledge and tools to attack the markets with high accuracy. This is a must-attend session for intermediate/advanced options traders.

Most people believe top options traders have crazy high IQ. But not according to Warren Buffet. In fact, he said: Investing is not a game where the guy with the 160 IQ beats the guy with a 130 IQ...Give away 30 points to somebody don't need a lot of brains to be in this business.
A lot of people with crazy high IQs are terrible at this game because they have too many things going on in their heads. What you need is the emotional stability to hone in on a few proven strategies and trade them well.

Matt's Books

Matt Choi, CMT

The Winning Way

Advice and suggestions of CelebrityExperts that are based on their experiences - both their accomplishments and their shipwrecks. The knowledge they share will allow you to make plans that can propel you in the right direction. That is the function of a mentor - to guide you where you are going and to advise what to avoid. If you wish to develop The Winning Way to your goals, read on... You will never win if you never begin