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The Anti-AI Strategy

Released on Tuesday, September 26, 2023TECHNOLOGY
There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is redefining productivity in our everyday lives. However, it remains unproven when it comes to predicting the markets. Yet we see the word AI being thrown around every day— AI investing, AI hedge funds, AI trading etc. with little information on how it is actually being deployed to determine market pricing and direction. In other words, AI remains a blackbox to retail investors and traders, and its subpar results so far suggest that a lot more work needs to be done before it can consistently beat the markets. In his keynote presentation, Matt Choi, CMT will be sharing with you one of his top non-AI strategies that continues to be consistently profitable in today's AI world. You will learn how to gather and analyze real data to find market opportunities that are over 90% accurate. Moreover, Matt will show you how to leverage these opportunities using options to potentially double your investment each time. Recommended for: High Return, Swing Trading, Technical Analysis, Options.

Matt Choi, CMT
Certus Trading, Inc., Founder

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