Kristina Hooper

Chief Global Market Strategist,


  • Chief Global Market Strategist at Invesco
  • Cover of the January 2015 Issue of Kiplinger’s
  • Joined the Investment Industry in 1995

About Kristina

Kristina Hooper is the chief global market strategist at Invesco. She entered the financial industry in 1995 and prior to joining Invesco, Ms. Hooper was the US investment strategist at Allianz Global Investors. She has regularly been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, The New York Times, Reuters, and other financial news publications. Ms. Hooper was featured on the cover of the January 2015 issue of Kiplinger's magazine, and has appeared regularly on CNBC, Bloomberg TV, Yahoo! Finance, and Reuters TV.

Kristina's Videos

Hunting for returns in established and emerging markets around the world now requires extreme care and calculation, but nonetheless, no portfolio is complete without the proper allocation to the fastest growth engines on the planet. Emerging market ETFs provide diversification by spreading out risk across a basket of stocks and a number of countries, thereby mitigating some of the uncertainty that can come with investing in less-developed markets. In this panel, Canada's leading ETF experts will highlight their current view of emerging markets, the investment themes, the risks, and how to find value globally using ETFs.
Thematic investing is taking on increasing importance for investors. Kristina Hooper of Invesco will explore some compelling investment themes for the short and longer term.
Kristina Hooper will share the base case for the economy in the back half of 2021 and asset implications. She will also explore two tail-risk scenarios, high inflation and a pandemic resurgence, and their respective asset class implications.
Against the backdrop of heightened tensions in US-China relations, strong economic data, and raw-material shortages and supply-chain issues, what can investors expect for the rest of the year? Our distinguished panel will dissect the economic, global trade, and political landscape and offer a unique perspective on the long- and short-term implications of these factors and more on your portfolio.