Kevin McGovern

Chairman and CEO,

McGovern Capital, LLC

About Kevin

Kevin McGovern is chairman and CEO of McGovern Capital (MGC). Through MGC and its affiliates, he has co-founded 25+ companies, six of which have become world/category leaders, and has been lead negotiator/principal in 15 global JVs. Mr. McGovern teaches global innovation at Cornell and Stanford Business Schools and has taught at MIT, Harvard, NTU Singapore, and KAUST in Saudi Arabia. He is Trustee Emeritus of Cornell University, serves on the Board of the Smithsonian, is a senior advisor to Consumer Reports, serves on the Governing Board of the Baptist Health Foundation of Baptist Health South Florida, and serves on the Doctors Hospital and Miami Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Institute Council.

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Alternative Investments—often offered in the form of private placements—can provide investors with access to unique investment opportunities that generate attractive returns using strategies and instruments that are not available through standard, publicly offered investments. Traditionally offered to an elite club of wealthy "smart money" investors, changes to long-standing regulation in the United States means that alternative investments are now being offered to a broader audience of individual investors, many of whom are searching for investment opportunities that are less correlated to the stock market. While the appeal of these unique opportunities and associated potential returns can appear obvious, selecting the right alternative investment can be a daunting challenge even for the most seasoned financial advisor.

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