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Kevin Davitt

Head of Index Options Content,


  • Head of Nasdaq Index Options Content
  • Graduate of Marquette University
  • Evan Scholars Alum

About Kevin

Kevin Davitt is the head of Nasdaq's index options content. Mr. Davitt spent years focused on options education with an index emphasis at Cboe Global Markets. Prior to his exchange work, Mr. Davitt traded index, equity, and commodity futures and options as a market maker at a variety of well-known firms. He is a graduate of Marquette University. 

Kevin's Videos

Join thought leaders from NEOS Investments and Nasdaq to understand the evolution of options-based products and pairing tax efficiency with income generation, as well as break down the complexity of yield. 

By many measures, index-option volatility is at its lowest levels in years. What does that mean for your trading and forward-looking risk? 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has commanded the market's attention with technology stocks leading the pack in 2023. Can you use emergent technology to potentially make better decisions in capital markets? Will there be AI Fatigue? Join Nasdaq's Kevin Davitt and Volos' Jeff Corrado for a conversation about AI software and option-based portfolio management.

The chips that keep changing history are viewed through the lens of the PHLX Semiconductor Index (SOX). Join Nasdaq's Kevin Davitt to learn more about the history and utility of this optionable index.