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  • Passed Series 65 Investment Advisor Law Exam
  • Among the First to Build an Automated Divergence Detector
  • Founded Own Mountain Trading Company

About Jackie Ann

Jackie Ann Patterson delivers objective, well-tested investment strategies for stocks and ETFs by applying her computer engineering skills to analyzing the markets. Her publications include Truth About ETF Rotation for IRAs, and the newsletters for active investors and traders. Subscribers get market status and trading signals for income generation, swing trading, and intermediate-term appreciation.

Jackie Ann's Articles

The US residential real estate market traced an admirable upward trajectory since the 1960s. Owning a home is a time-honored method of building wealth, asserts Jackie Ann Patterson of Truth About ETF Rotation.
Can you imagine taking a cable car down San Francisco’s Hyde Street without brakes? If your car didn’t have brakes, how fast would you drive, asks Jackie Ann Patterson, who's presenting at MoneyShow San Francisco August 24.
Investors would be wise to prepare for bond prices falling as interest rates rise from historic lows. Bond funds are typically hurt the worst in a rising interest rate environment because they are marked to market, asserts Jackie Ann Patterson of Truth About ETF Rotation.
The hunting-investing analogy may not always hold, of course. A pack of wolves may take the stragglers of the herd, but investors can bag big gains by going with leaders as they emerge, asserts Jackie Ann Patterson of 

Jackie Ann's Videos

ETFs earn their substantial cash inflows by providing investors with easy access to diversity without a major research burden. The only caveat to ETF investing is that you're still dealing with the person in the mirror. Detailed knowledge and robust investment rules alone are not enough. Discipline, perseverance, and attention to simple activities are also critical to investment success. Join Jackie Ann Patterson for a debrief of her ETF investing in 2020-2021 where she will share highlights and lowlights in order to gain the kind of wisdom that comes from experience.
Real estate investing is a time-honored method to building wealth. The rise of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS) and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) make it possible to own and hedge real estate in a brokerage account. This session with Jackie Ann Patterson, explores the opportunities and pitfalls associated with real estate ETFs.
How to balance disciplined risk management with fear-of-missing-out (FOMO). Patterson explains why investors should never buy until they know where they will sell.
Jackie Ann Patterson describes here the bottom-up investment philosophy. The key is to always take what the market is giving you

Jackie Ann's Books

Jackie Ann Patterson

The Truth About ETF Rotation: Fund Your Retirement by Investing in Top Exchange Traded Fund in One Hour Per Week

The first book in the Beat the Crash series, Truth About ETF Rotation first lays out a baseline for comparison. To make it realistic and challenging, a portfolio of diversified assets is outlined and characterized with extensive portfolio simulation. By comparing to the performance of this reference portfolio you can see which strategies are likely to do better than buy-and-hold.

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