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Nilus Mattive bought his first stock in the sixth grade and has remained fascinated by the financial markets ever since. After graduating with a triple major in philosophy, theology, and English, he began his professional career at Jonathan Steinberg's Individual Investor Group. Mr. Mattive later edited Standard & Poor's flagship investment newsletter for five years and wrote The Standard & Poor's Guide for the New Investor, published by McGraw Hill. He has since built up an enviable 15-year track record of winning income at the helm of various newsletters and trading services, including Weiss Ratings' Income Superstars and Superstar Trader. He now serves as editor of Weiss Ratings' Safe Money Report.

Nilus's Articles

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are the most straightforward and proven way to get access to quality properties of just about any type. They invest in different kinds of real estate or real estate-related assets — including shopping centers, office buildings, hotels, self-storage facilities, and long-term care communities. Right now, I like the specialty property REIT VICI Properties (VICI), writes Nilus Mattive, editor of Safe Money Report.
Everyone has been celebrating the recent inflation numbers. Indeed, all we hear is good news that the Fed is winning the war against rising prices. But are you feeling that supposed victory in your daily life? I suspect the answer is no. That’s why you should continue to focus on inflation-fighting investments like EOG Resources (EOG), suggests Nilus Mattive, editor of Safe Money Report.
Today, United Parcel Service (UPS) is the global leader in package delivery services. Every day, it has more than 1.6 million shipping customers and 11.1 million delivery customers spread across 220 different countries and territories. But it started much smaller back in 1907, explains Nilus Mattive, editor of Safe Money Report.
I’m relatively cautious on the stock market. But we should take a closer look at certain sectors and industries — particularly ones that will almost certainly continue to garner massive amounts of money no matter what happens next. Given the current state of geopolitics, the defense industry fits that bill, and General Dynamics (GD) is a sector leader, suggests Nilus Mattive, editor of Safe Money Report.