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About Eoin

Eoin Treacy is a world-renowned global strategist, fund manager, consultant, author, and presenter. He is editor of the Rogue Portfolio, strategist at FullerTreacymoney, director at Nevada Trust Company, and investment director at Southbank Research. Mr. Treacy's approach to markets incorporates a novel macro behavioral matrix and heavily features crowd psychology as a timing tool for markets. He has been regularly interviewed and quoted in Bloomberg TV, CNBC, NDTV, CCTV, and The Wall Street Journal.

Eoin's Articles

Bloomberg recently reported that commodities are getting sucked into a global short volatility trade. But what does that mean – and how can you capitalize? Here are my thoughts, explains Eoin Treacy, editor of Fuller Treacy Money.
Reassessing when and to what extent rates will be cut is a weekly affair at present. But 10-year Treasury yields just broke higher to confirm support in the region of 4%. A clear downward dynamic will be required to question scope for additional upside, writes Eoin Treacy, editor of Fuller Treacy Money.
The planning process of building new nuclear power plants is lengthy and drives up costs. That’s one of the primary reasons so few get built in the US. The conservatism of nuclear regulators also slowed down the rollout of new technologies. That is now changing, which is why I am recommending Centrus Energy (LEU), notes Eoin Treacy, editor of Fuller Treacy Money.
Every year brings new opportunities. One of my recommendations for 2024 is PagSeguro Digital (PAGS), a Brazilian fintech company that trades on US markets. It has a one-stop app for everything you need money for. That includes deposits, purchases, and lending, explains Eoin Treacy, editor of Fuller Treacy Money.