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New Trader, Rich Trader and How I Made Money Using the Nicolas Darvas System

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Steve Burns has been investing and trading in the stock market successfully for over 20 years. He is the author of 17 books about the stock market. Mr. Burns has been featured as a top Darvas System trader on and interviewed for the Wall Street Journal blog, Trader's magazine, Chat with Traders, and Michael Covel. He has also been a contributor to Trader's Planet, Trader's magazine, and He trades full time and operates the website.

Steve's Articles

Trading can be exciting and lucrative for those who take it seriously and approach it with the right mindset and recessions, says Steve Burns of New Trader U.
“It’s just part of the business cycle” has become a typical response to financial crises, stock market crashes, and recessions says Steve Burns of New Trader U.
The dishonest and criminal world of pump-and-dump schemes is a subject of fascination for many, says Steve Burns of New Trader U.
Trading the financial markets successfully requires discipline, knowledge, and understanding. With the right skill set, becoming an unbeatable trader is possible, says Steve Burns of New Trader U.