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Kelly Green

Senior Editor,

Mauldin Economics

  • Income Expert & Editor of Yield Shark at Mauldin Economics
  • Research Analyst with Weiss Ratings
  • 10 Years Industry Experience

About Kelly

Kelly Green, senior editor at Mauldin Economics, has been a researcher for as long as she can remember. She was always fascinated with taking things apart and asking hundreds of questions—whether it was a car or a complex math equation. Ms. Green turned to a career researching the lucrative field of high-yielding equities. She fell in love with exploring the ins and outs of income-investing opportunities and sell-side options trades. Over the next few years, Kelly would work as co-editor of several income-focused newsletters, chief researcher, and portfolio analyst. She also wrote an educational series for investors covering topics ranging from making first trades to how to trade options.

Kelly's Articles

We live in a data-dependent world. We also live in a world vulnerable to cybercrime, which can cut our access to technologies we rely on every day. Dividend investors don’t have a lot of options with tech companies that defend us against cybercrime. So, one of my favorite strategies is to look at Business Development Companies, or BDCs, that invest in the space, like Hercules Capital Inc. (HTGC), writes Kelly Green, editor of Dividend Digest.
Markets go up and markets go down. Overall, as dividend investors, our stocks are stable through it all. We collect our dividends like clockwork. But you might have missed a piece of very important news. It changed the workings of the entire market. And it will affect whether or not you are eligible for your dividend payments, explains Kelly Green, editor of Dividend Digest.
I love to drive my truck and my motorcycle. I even like being a passenger while someone else drives. If the plan includes a road trip big or small, I’m in. Since I’m not ready to change my driving habits, I ran the numbers to see how much my oil company dividends would offset some of my gas expenses. I’ll use my favorite MLP for over a decade, Enterprise Products Partners LP (EPD), for this example, writes Kelly Green, editor of Dividend Digest.
Valentine’s Day is the second biggest holiday after Christmas for exchanging greeting cards. It’s also one of the most popular days for marriage proposals. That means consumer discretionary dollars flowed out of wallets and into the economy yesterday. But I’d rather spend my money on dividend stocks that will continue to gift returns year after year, like The Hershey Co. (HSY), says Kelly Green, editor of Dividend Digest.

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