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Kevin Kelly is responsible for product design, structuring, managing retail and institutional investment research, and capital markets. He also serves as the CEO of Kelly Benchmark Indexes, the index provider, and sponsor of the SRVR and INDS ETFs. In September 2014, Nasdaq named Mr. Kelly an ETF Insider, and he is a recognized leader in ETF design, distribution and growth with his extensive track record of launching multi-billion-dollar ETFs. Mr. Kelly's thought leadership on markets, derivatives, e-commerce, and technology can be found weekly in top media outlets.

Kevin's Videos

Today's market calls for differentiated and idiosyncratic strategies and Kelly ETFs will present three ETFs to help investors potentially diversify their portfolios. One ETF is a biotechnology strategy that is seeking to revolutionize healthcare focusing on CRISPR, one is a US-focused strategy to potentially capitalize on inflation, and the final ETF is set to benefit from the reopening of the economy as we go from pandemic to endemic.

As more and more people move to cheap index funds in the core of their portfolio they are seeking ways to complement it with spicier allocations, such as themes, sub-industries, crypto, income and international exposures. In this panel, we explore how some of the more popular ETFs available to complete and/or expand a portfolio.

Not all real estate is created equal especially in an inflationary environment with rising rates. Kevin Kelly, CEO of Kelly ETFs, will explore how investors can capitalize on high quality real estate in the hotel (NYSEArca: HOTL) and residential (NYSEArca: RESI) sectors. Those sectors are benefitting from strong underlying demand coupled with inflationary pricing power. Over the past 25 years, real estate investment trusts (REITs) have emerged as a popular and efficient way for market participants of all stripes to access the real estate asset class. Strong long-term total returns, combined with other key investment characteristics such as liquidity, high dividend yields, potential to increase diversification and to hedge against inflation, have contributed to the appeal of REITs.