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Samantha LaDuc


  • Founder of
  • CIO at LaDuc Capital LLC
  • Macro-to-Micro Analyst, Educator and Trader

About Samantha

Samantha LaDuc is the founder of and CIO at LaDuc Capital LLC. She is known for timing major market inflection points in equities, commodities, bonds/rates, currencies, and especially volatility. As a macro-to-micro analyst, educator, and trader, Ms. LaDuc makes her insights available to active traders and investors who want to minimize risk while seizing year-making opportunities. Retail and institutional clients gain access not only to her unique perspective and transparent trade set-ups, but also to a deep trading desk of client-focused contributors who actively trade and support clients who do the same. Together, they analyze and trade all asset classes and time-frames—across stocks, options, futures, crypto, commodities, currencies, and bonds—to fully support members of the entire LaDucTrading community. Boring can be profitable!

Samantha's Articles

One of my favorite rotations to time is from value to growth, and vice versa, states Samantha LaDuc, of LaDuc Trading.
It’s become sport on FinTwit to call a bottom—I’ve even played along: here, here, and here, states Samantha LaDuc, of LaDuc Trading.

Samantha's Videos

Samantha discusses how she times volatility moves in stocks, sectors, and indices to position for out-sized gains. Learn what secret-sauce she uses in her intermarket analysis to identify when it is safe to be long, when volatility equals liquidation risk, and why she often asserts, "In lieu of sector rotation, there will be volatility."

Boring can be quite profitable. In this webinar, Samantha will reveal the one indicator you can apply on any charting or trading platform that will absolutely help you enter and stay on the right side of any trade, as well as give you the confidence to make Big Calls for out-sized gains.

Risk management is a superpower. Timing and risk reward are keys to putting on a trade, but only exits pay. To optimize results, on any timeframe, traders and investors can benefit from working with not fearing volatility, following money rotation to anticipate market moves, and managing positions in confidence by knowing when to hedge and when to reduce/avoid risk. Samantha will drill down to the core strengths she employs and tools she deploys to manage risk in any trade or market environment: