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Keith Fitz-Gerald


Fitz-Gerald Group


Keith Fitz-Gerald is a private investor, analyst, and market researcher/educator who believes in a concentrated portfolio of companies making products and services the world cannot live without and which are capable of growing despite the pandemic, politics, or other short-term disruptions. He began his career at Wilshire Associates in the late 1980s and today is principal of the Fitz-Gerald Group, a private fintech research firm. With 1200+ media appearances to his credit on the Fox Business Network, CNBC, Yahoo! Finance, and more, he is also a favorite MoneyShow speaker and a popular educator known for giving audiences information they can use the moment he stops talking.

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When to Stay or Walk Away
07/24/2020 12:00 am EST

Every accredited investor encounters deals that seem so fabulous that they "have" to participate. Wh...