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Keith Fitz-Gerald


Fitz-Gerald Research Analytics


Keith Fitz-Gerald has spent 36 years in global markets as a consultant, analyst, trader, and private investor. He is one of very few experts to correctly foresee both the dot.com crisis and the global financial crisis ahead of time, and one of even fewer to help investors around the world navigate them both. More than one million readers, subscribers and viewers depend on his analysis, perspective and insight every month. Mr. Fitz-Gerald created the VQScorea proprietary stock valuation system that helps more than 70,000 individual investors and more than 1.5 million daily Money Morning subscribers analyze, score, and rank stocks poised for big moves. He pioneered the proprietary 50-40-10 Portfoliomodel at the core of the Money Map Report, a monthly investment service serving hundreds of thousands of individual investors seeking a conservative, yet powerful edge over Wall Street's outdated diversification models.

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