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Mike Larson serves as vice president and editor-in-chief at MoneyShow in Sarasota, FL, overseeing all aspects of its investor education efforts and conferences, and planning the firm's content operations. Prior to joining MoneyShow, he was senior editor and analyst at Weiss Ratings. Mr. Larson produced the company's Safe Money Report, Weekend Windfalls, and Heat Maps newsletters, while also writing, editing, and trading several other past products. His areas of expertise as an analyst include domestic and global interest rates, commercial and residential real estate, and central bank policy. Mr. Larson holds BA and BS degrees from Boston University.

Mike's Articles

A September to Remember? More like a September that investors would like to forget! Stocks got rocked again yesterday, leaving the S&P 500 down almost 4% on the month now.
Stocks didn’t like the Federal Reserve news late yesterday, and they don’t like it again this morning. More on that in a minute. Gold and silver are also down notably, while crude oil has slipped back below $90 a barrel. Treasuries are lower, while the dollar is higher.
The early action on “Fed Days” like this one doesn’t matter much, since it’s likely to change once we get the news later. But for now, stocks and Treasuries are modestly higher while crude oil is giving back a bit of its recent gains. The dollar, gold, and silver are flattish.
Stocks finished flat yesterday...and they’re starting off flat today. Gold and silver are up just a tad, while the dollar and Treasuries are lower. Crude oil is the real show-stealer, however, rising in the early going (again).

Mike's Videos

Paladin Power is a company operating at the intersection of power grid reliability and energy storage. Its technology allows commercial and residential customers to ensure they have reliable, on-demand power regardless of challenges posed by weather, outages, or other issues. Learn how the company's technology works, and how investors can participate in its growth, in this educational fireside chat.

Developed markets have been caught between two forces in 2023, just like Homer's Odysseus. The Scylla of higher inflation/higher interest rates and its negative impacts on some sectors...and the Charybdis of recession worries/global weakness and its negative impacts on others. Homer would have you believe there is no third way. That you can't navigate your way past them without sacrifice. But was he wrong? MoneyShow Editor-in-Chief Mike Larson will share his thoughts—and recommendations—for investors in this presentation.

Join Eduardo Garufi, chief executive officer of the largest financial market community and education company SST, and Tavi Costa, portfolio manager at Crescat Capital, for a moderated fireside chat on investing opportunities in emerging markets. As native Brazilians, Mr. Garufi and Mr. Costa can offer a unique perspective on the potential profits - and pitfalls - of investing in larger emerging markets like Brazil, as well as other countries in the Americas. They'll help guide you toward stronger returns in this inflationary era, as well as share some of their favorite EM investments for the rest of 2023 and beyond.

Join MoneyShow's Editor-in-Chief, Mike Larson, for a discussion with Minera's President and Corporate Director to discuss how the Minera model can deliver a foundation to take advantage of record gold prices while having a cost structure that can withstand lower commodity price environments.

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