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Aaron Dunn

Senior Equity Analyst,

KeyStone Financial

  • VP and Senior Research Analyst at KeyStone Financial
  • 15 Years’ Experience with Buy/Sell Investment Advice
  • Dividend Investing Expert on Money Talks with Michael Campbell

About Aaron

Aaron Dunn, CFA, is senior analyst at KeyStock.com, Canada's leading provider of independent, unbiased investment research on North American stock markets. A unique research firm, KeyStock.com has a near 20-year track record of identifying fundamentally strong and attractively valued stocks with outstanding results Mr. Dunn is passionate about helping individual investors navigate the financial markets and has over a decade of experience providing clients with specific buy/sell investment advice on small-cap and dividend growth stocks. He is a regular guest on Canada's number one financial radio show Money Talks with Michael Campbell. Mr. Dunn has a bachelor of commerce degree from Royal Roads University and is a CFA charterholder.

Aaron's Articles

EQB Inc. (EQB), operating primarily through its subsidiary Equitable Bank, is a growth-oriented, mid-size Canadian bank that differentiates itself with a tech-driven approach to banking and a focus on niche markets, explains Aaron Dunn, senior equity analyst at KeyStone Financial.
Brookfield Infrastructure Partners (BIP) is a global infrastructure company with a portfolio of high-quality, long-life assets that generate stable cash flows and support a stream of growing income distributions to investors. BIP is what we consider to be a core income and growth investment, notes Aaron Dunn, senior equity analyst at KeyStone Financial.

Aaron's Videos

Equip yourself with the knowledge to make informed decisions and seize exciting opportunities in the stock market while managing risks effectively. This presentation addresses key questions crucial to your investing success: How can select dividend growth stocks provide an edge? What role should commodities play in your portfolio? Is AI a generational investment opportunity, and how can you leverage it? What level of US market exposure is optimal for Canadian investors? To conclude, we'll unveil our top three stock picks for 2024. Join us to convert these insights into actionable investment strategies and develop a profitable stock portfolio that thrives under a wide range of economic conditions.

Join us to demystify the essentials of intelligent stock investing, as we demonstrate how to create a profitable stock portfolio that combines the dependability and cash flow of dividend-growing companies with the transformative potential of technology innovation stocks. This presentation aims to equip investors with strategies and tools to identify opportunities, make smart investment decisions, and avoid common mistakes. We highlight how to tailor a portfolio to balance growth, stability, and income according to your unique goals and needs. Learn how dividend growth stocks can provide a solid foundation for your portfolio and discover how investing in exciting themes such as technology, generative AI, and developments like ChatGPT can supercharge your investment returns. At the end of the presentation, we will provide you with 4 of our Top Stock Picks which exemplify the principles discussed and get you started with building a profitable stock portfolio in 2023.

KeyStone details how their analysts uncovered three of the highest returning Canadian stocks over the past decade, detailing the specific process that led the company to recommend these profitable growth businesses, which you would not have found through any big bank analyst in the country. Including the best performing stock in the country, The Boyd Group (BYD:TSX), up over 9,770%, the fourth best performing stock Enghouse Systems (ENGH:TSX), up over 1,590%, and one of the best performing stocks in the past three years XPEL Inc. (XPEL:NASDAQ), up over 3,500%.

Aaron Dunn and Ryan Irvine show you how to design a simple portfolio with quality growth stocks that will enrich you, not your advisor. Plus, they tease you with a couple of top stock recommendations ahead of their MoneyMasters℠ Course.

KeyStone details how to build a simple 15-25 stock portfolio that is set up to succeed in 2021 and beyond! Get real recommendations and a strategy that will allow you to pay less in fees and make more money in your portfolio. Plus, receive a few high-quality growth and dividend stocks to add to your portfolio today, including their:

Top renewable energy stock trading at 5.5 times cash flow with a 5% dividend, top home healthcare stock, top profitable cannabis stock, top FAANG stock, and more.

Over the past decade, Ryan Irvine and Aaron Dunn have helped thousands of investors take control of their portfolios, save on fees, and focus on the most critical element to creating portfolio wealth—buying high quality growth and dividend stocks. KeyStone's research team is one of the most selective in the business with a strict fundamental growth strategy which led the company's analysts to recommend clients the best performing stock (over 25 times) over the past decade, The Boyd Group (BYD:TSX) up 9,770%, the fourth best performing stock over the past decade, Enghouse (ENGH:TSX), up 1,590%, and one of the best performing stocks over the past three-years, XPEL, Inc., (XPEL:NASDAQ), up 3,500%.