Donald Dony


D. W. Dony and Associates, Inc.

  • Technical Analyst at DW.Dony & Associates
  • Editor & Publisher of Technical Speculator
  • Master of Financial Technical Analysis from the International Federation of Technical Analysts

About Donald

Donald Dony is a professional technical analyst and holds the top global designation of Master of Financial Technical Analysis from the International Federation of Technical Analysts. He is the first in Canada to achieve this prestigious designation. Mr. Dony has been in the investment profession for more than 20 years, first as a stockbroker in the 1980s and then as the principal of D. W. Dony and Associates, Inc., a financial consulting firm. He is the editor and publisher of the Technical Speculator, a monthly international investment newsletter, which reviews major world equity markets, currencies, commodities, bonds, and interest rates. Mr. Dony is also an instructor for the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI). He is often called upon to design technical analysis training programs and to provide teaching to industry professionals on technical analysis at many of Canada's leading brokerage firms. Mr. Dony is a respected specialist in the area of intermarket and business cycle analysis and a frequent speaker at international investment conferences. He is a member of the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts (CSTA) and the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA). Mr. Dony has a fellowship from the Canadian Securities Institute since 1987 and is a registered securities advisor.

Donald's Videos

The markets are being hit with the worst pandemic in a 100 years, plus a US presidential election like no other in a generation. During this session, Donald Dony discusses how this is all affecting a bull market that is already 11 years old.

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