Claudio Demb


Trading Your A Game: Are Feelings Expensive?

About Claudio

Claudio Demb, MD, is a practicing psychiatrist, private trader and investor, and author of the book Trading Your A Game: Are Feelings Expensive? and the blog: Trading Your A Game at His focus is on how feelings, emotions, and beliefs influence trading and investing decisions. Mr. Demb is also an occasional contributor to Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine on the topic of trading psychology. He is also an active member of SpikeTrade, a community of serious traders run by Dr. Alexander Elder and Kerry Lovvorn.

Claudio's Videos

During this workshop, Claudio Demb will look at the role that psychology plays in becoming a successful trader. He will focus on practical aspects of trading psychology, illustrating theoretical concepts with real trades from his own account. Mr. Demb will also address specific emotions that get in the way of successful trading. This session will close with suggestions on how to address psychological trading demons.