Andrew Strasman


Totem Asset Group, LLC

  • Founder of Totem Asset Group, CTA providing Alternative Investment Solutions
  • Founder of, an Academic Project to Publish Real-Time "Trend" Beta
  • Founder of, a Networking Group for Chicago-Area Professionals

About Andrew

Andrew Strasman is the principal of Totem Asset Group, a commodity trading advisory firm based out of Evanston, IL. He co-founded a networking group of Chicago-area financial professionals ( which grew organically from four people to over 2,200. Mr. Strasman also co-founded an academic project to publish a transparentiIndex of trend trading returns ( and served on the advisory board for the Commodity Customer Coalition, which successfully represented customers in the wake of the MF Global collapse.

Andrew's Videos

Join us as we review last year's performance from the simple trend following benchmark published every minute of every trading day since 2014. After a disastrous year in the 60/40 stock bond portfolio, couldn't your portfolio use some diversification? Not everyone had a bad 2022will also provide examples of applying this model to equities and cryptos.

The past few years have undeniably highlighted the key benefits of including systematic diversified trend following strategies within a classic investment portfolio. Here is a ground floor investment opportunity as we seek to bridge classic "Trend Following" exposure with the nascent DeFi community and make this much-needed asset class available to the masses. Our community continues to grow through this academic project published every minute of every trading day since 2014.
There is no precedent for the largess of the Federal Reserve's balance sheet. As the Fed just now begins the process of reducing this bloat, there is no telling how global markets are going to react. If we profess to know, we just mislead. In this session, we will explain how we measure the strength of the overall market trend in a disciplined and systematic manner, how stock prices and trend following strategies have behaved under various regimes based on reported performance, and how alternative investments might just be the perfect complement to your own investment portfolio.

In the wake of the Global Financial Crisis, Central Banks worked in concert, printing trillions of dollars and suppressing interest rates in order to push investors out the risk curve, warding off a deflationary spiral. Their efforts worked. For a dozen years volatility remained low, inflation (both ways) remain contained and stock indices thrived. As if you need any more convincing than the past 2 years offers, this has all changed. Now we have no idea what comes next, but we can say (backed by a large body of statistical evidence) is that trend trading strategies have proved useful in protecting a typical investor's portfolio of stocks and bonds during uncertain times.
We will quickly define what a trend is, and through our academic project to publish transparent CTA trend performance explain some of the methods used by large money managers. Finally, we will look at how long and short trend following exposure on a diversified portfolio of instruments may help you to meet your investment goals.
Nobody is going to watch your money the way you will. Learn these time-tested techniques to gain a better understanding of what CTAs do, and begin to think for yourself when it comes to investing your hard-earned money.