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Dr. Adrian Manz has been a successful professional equities trader and earned his living trading his own account for two decades. He provides education to serious traders who are looking to add new interpretations of the markets to their repertoire. Dr. Manz has developed a trading style that relies on statistical, technical, and fundamental analysis in the planning of every trade and has found methods to extract the most out of every setup, every day. He is the author of two books on the subject, many articles featured in leading industry publications including Stocks and Commodities, Stocks Futures Options, Active Trader, Trader's, and Money Maker as well as the publisher of the Daily Income Trading Plan, a nightly blueprint for the actions he plans to take in the markets on the following day.

Adrian's Articles

Adrian Manz explains how he developed the eight trading patterns he uses each day to find money-making trades.
Adrian Manz explains why planning every trade you take is important to your long-term success in the trading business.
Adrian Manz explains how his trading of NYSE stocks differs from trading NASDAQ stocks in terms of volatility and volume.
Adrian Manz explains how he developed the eight trading patterns he uses each day to find money-making trades.

Adrian's Videos

Dr. Adrian Manz and his wife Dr. Julie Manz have been trading the markets full-time since 1997. They have taught thousands of traders around the world to profit from their methods which deploy time-tested strategies and proven performance psychology principles in every market move. Join Adrian Manz live for an online session that will focus your attention and energy on specific techniques you can use to fine-tune your psychology and maximize your trading performance. Everyone who plans to attend is invited to take the Trader Psychology Challenge at prior to the seminar. Completing these short tests presented by Julie Manz will give you insights into your mindset as a trader and facilitate your understanding of Dr. Manz' presentation.

2020 was an unprecedented stress test, and Adrian Manz' trading strategies were more than up to the challenge. The veteran trader, who has weathered every market storm since 1997, put himself and his followers in front of opportunities for significant profit each day even as markets quaked. Now, as we add geopolitical stressors to the landscape, he has put together a plan of action that will guide his trading through the end of the year and into 2021.

Join Adrian Manz for a 30-minute live presentation that will detail his strategies, thoughts on the psychological pressures markets will bear in the coming months, and tactics that will equip traders to respond to rapid market sentiment shifts. Everyone who attends will have free access to trader self-assessments at as well as an opportunity to look over Mr. Manz' shoulder as he trades the markets live every morning.

When it comes to trading, Julie and Adrian Manz have an enviable edge. They both hold doctorates in psychology, so they find it easy to anticipate the behavior of crowds, and they are both very well versed in using statistics to find the fuel for big market moves. This power couple has been trading the markets every day since 1997 and has taught thousands of like-minded people to become market operators by following in their footsteps.

Join Julie and Adrian for a 30-minute presentation in which they will detail a trading strategy that dominated the market during earnings season every year of their career. They'll talk about the strategy mechanics and also the psychology required to profit from it. Attendees will have access to free psychological assessments at before and after the event. This will give everyone a good feel for where they stand in the trader psychology landscape.

Adrian Manz will take you through his most powerful income-trading strategy. It works in all markets and excels in this volatile climate. He will show you why you should participate in the market open like hedge funds and high-frequency trading operations. Focusing on the 60 minutes right after the opening bell, he will show you how to time trades like a market-maker and how to use technical levels to fine-tune the trades. You'll learn how this strategy does all this while still minimizing risk.

Adrian's Books

Adrian Manz

Trade Secrets: Powerful Strategies for Volatile Markets

Trade Secrets is a uniquely in-depth and advanced trading guide, teaching a complete and winning trading method from start to finish. Packed with exclusive content, it reveals one of master trader Adrian Manz's best trading strategies. The patterns in this book spell opportunity: when applied correctly, the system can be the cornerstone of a profitable trad
Adrian Manz

Beat the Street: A Trader's Guide to Consistently Scoring in the Markets

Beat the Street is one of the most popular trading books available today. This edition is completely updated, packed with timely examples and all the latest insights of author and master trader, Adrian Manz. It is indispensable for any serious intraday or swing trader.

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