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About Parkwood Capital, LLC

Kerry Given, Ph.D. (Dr. Duke) started Parkwood Capital, LLC in 2007 with the objective of eliminating the marketing hype and get rich quick schemes that are all too common in stock and options trading.  Dr. Duke is a gifted teacher and published author who actually trades the market each day and shares his knowledge and experience with you.

Parkwood Capital, LLC's Articles

Sponsored Content - The option Greeks are often portrayed as a rather esoteric concept, but here I intend to bring the Greeks down to earth and demonstrate their utility for the retail option trader, says Kerry Given of Parkwood Capital, LLC.
You can be "partially right" and still make money using non-directional option trades, says Kerry Given, founder and managing director, Parkwood Capital, LLC.
Sponsored Content - You have probably heard or read the following “rule of thumb” for trading: Only trade positions with potential profits of at least three times the potential losses, says Kerry Given of Parkwood Capital, LLC 
The S&P 500 Index (SPX) opened last week at 3155 and closed at 3185 for a rise of nearly 1% and Kerry Given breaks down the major market indexes.

About Us

Do you know any trading coaches who discuss the market candidly without any marketing hype?
Whether you prefer high probability trades or are swinging for the fences, the end results are the same, proving once again that "there's no free lunch".
The coronavirus correction in March 2020 took the stock prices of the S&P 500 companies down by 35%. Ouch! How did your portfolio do?
If you want to learn more about real world trading absent the marketing hype, check out the private coaching, group classes, and trading services offered by Parkwood Capital.