Kerry Given

Founder & Managing Director,

Parkwood Capital, LLC

  • Author of No Hype Options Trading
  • Over 30 Years of Experience Trading
  • PhD from the University of Minnesota

About Kerry

Kerry W. Given, PhD, is the founder and managing director of Parkwood Capital, LLC, a business that consists of stock and options coaching, a weekly newsletter, and three trading advisory services. Dr. Given speaks frequently at trading conferences and on behalf of option brokerage firms. He is the author of two books No Hype Options Trading and Time Is Money. Dr. Given earned a BS from the University of Florida and a PhD from the University of Minnesota.  

Kerry's Articles

The iron condor is a popular option trading strategy, but be sure to have solid risk management in place before executing any trades. Kerry Given examines the pros and cons of trading this option strategy.
Sponsored Content - The option Greeks are often portrayed as a rather esoteric concept, but here I intend to bring the Greeks down to earth and demonstrate their utility for the retail option trader, says Kerry Given of Parkwood Capital, LLC.
You can be "partially right" and still make money using non-directional option trades, says Kerry Given, founder and managing director, Parkwood Capital, LLC.
Sponsored Content - You have probably heard or read the following “rule of thumb” for trading: Only trade positions with potential profits of at least three times the potential losses, says Kerry Given of Parkwood Capital, LLC 

Kerry's Videos

It is natural for traders to focus on the potential gains of a prospective trade and minimize the risk that will be incurred. However, probabilities and risk also interrelate with the level and volatility of the long-term returns. There's no free lunch!

Dr. Kerry Given will discuss the diagonal call spread and its superiority to the common vertical spread. But high win/loss ratios only accrue to particular trade set-ups. For traders with a tolerance for higher risk, diagonal call spreads may also be used as a play on a stock's earnings announcement.
Dr. Kerry Given will discuss how conservative investors use options to grow the long-term stock portfolio and protect against corrections. Several academic studies have shown that selling calls and puts outperforms the classic buy and hold strategy. Hear how Dr. Given's clients successfully navigate these volatile markets and continue to build income.
Several academic studies have shown that selling calls and puts outperforms the classic buy and hold strategy. Hear how Dr. Kerry Given's clients successfully managed their portfolios through the recent market correction.

Kerry's Books

Kerry Given

No-Hype Options Trading: Myths, Realities, and Strategies That Really Work

Options provide traders and investors with a wide range of strategies to lock in profits, reduce risk, generate income, or speculate on market direction. However, they are complex instruments and can be difficult to master if misunderstood.
Kerry Given

Time is Money

If you have some experience with options trading, you have probably heard the term, delta neutral trading. This is one of the buzzword phrases that has been used in marketing options trading education, trading alert services, and describing the strategies of hedge funds. Delta neutral does sound exotic – is this the trading secret I have been searching for? But we will see clearly in this book that there is no "s

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