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Reliable One Resources recently formed its wholly-owned subsidiary, Quantum Filtration, Inc. The company was formed to meet the increasing demand for high-quality personal protective equipment (PPE) with the introduction of its innovative, surgical-grade face mask. The mask utilizes a patent-pending and proprietary graphene membrane initially developed for use in Reliable One's water-desalination process and polypropylene fabric. The capabilities of the mask are far superior to other N95 and or KN95 style masks that are currently in the marketplace. The company feels the Quantum Filtration Block, Kill & Breathe mask, will potentially give folks back the confidence to live a normal life. Current N95, and or KN95 style masks that are in the marketplace, protect others from you. The Quantum Filtration Mask protects the person who is wearing it—You! Its bacteria killing, virus deactivation, and breathability capabilities are like none other currently available. No bacteria, no viruses (Covid-19), no pollution, no smoke, no breathability issues. Just cleaner air. Join us as we bring Quantum Filtrations “Block, Kill & Breathe” mask to the world!

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Sponsored Content - In a March 8, 2020, 60 Minutes interview, Dr. Anthony Fauci explained, “masks do not provide the protection that people think that they do.” He continued, “maybe they can block a large droplet.”