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Argus Research is a leading independent investment research organization providing quality research since 1934. Argus analysts, economists, and portfolio strategists forecast and monitor economic trends, analyze industries, and issue recommendations (buy, hold or sell) on a universe of 500 stocks. Each Argus rating must have a clear, reasonable, and adequate basis. The process starts with the analyst's application of our rigorous six-point system which includes meetings with senior managers. This methodology combined with our independence enables us to develop ideas which are then communicated in a straight forward manner to our clients, making them compete effectively in the marketplace.

Argus Research Corporation's Articles

We are raising our rating on Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) to “Buy” from “Hold” following 1Q results, which demonstrated the considerable strengths of the Goldman franchise during an investment banking upturn. The environment offered a few false rebounds in 2023, but the current surge appears to have staying power, suggests Stephen Biggar, analyst at Argus Research.
Two important inflation reports were released recently. Both indicated that overall pricing pressures have retreated from peaks in 2022. But both also confirmed that inflation remains above the Fed’s target of 2% -- and both indicated that progress to that level may be hard to achieve, advises John Eade, president of Argus Research.
April 1 marked the start of a busy week. No fooling. Key jobs numbers are pending and there will be more Fedspeak. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was higher by 0.1% last week, the S&P 500 gained 0.2%, and the Nasdaq fell 0.1%. For the quarter and year-to-date, the DJIA is up 5.6%, the S&P is up 10%, and the Nasdaq is up 9%, notes John Eade, president of Argus Research.
We have three strategic asset-allocation models, based on risk-tolerance: Conservative, Moderate and Aggressive. We make tactical adjustments to the models based on our outlooks for the capital markets. Right now, our Stock-Bond Barometer model slightly favors bonds over stocks for long-term portfolios in light of the recent rally in equities, explains John Eade, president of Argus Research.

Argus Research Corporation's Videos

With the bull market coming up on its 11th anniversary, can stocks remain the asset class of choice and will the economy remain cooperative? Join John Eade for a discussion of the Argus economic and market outlook and stocks that Argus analysts believe will be outperformers in the year ahead.