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Founded in 1998, American Gold Exchange is a leading national precious metals and rare coin company specializing in dealer-to-dealer trading and direct sales to the public. AGE draws upon a huge supplier network in the US and Europe, enabling us reliably to offer an almost limitless inventory of highest quality gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins and bars at extremely low prices. Our mission is to help you to build and manage a profitable, private, enjoyable hard asset portfolio of any size. Customer service is our highest priority and value is our watchword. Recommended by Stansberry Research, Mary Anne and Pamela Aden of the Aden Forecast, Robert Kiyosaki, Brien Lundin, and many others. 

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(Sponsored Content) New York spot gold gained 1.5% to close at $2,375 last Friday, the highest level in nearly three weeks, as weak jobs and consumer data combined with net-dovish Fed comments to reinforce expectations of lower interest rates. Gold rose 2.9% for the week, its best week in five. Silver rose 0.5% to finish at $28.28 and post a weekly gain of 6.9%, writes Bill Musgrave with Dana Samuelson, vice president and president, American Gold Exchange Inc.
(Sponsored Content) New York spot gold eased 0.8% to hold above $2,370 recently, despite downticks in yields and the dollar as traders took profits from its record run. The gold price rose in 18 winning sessions over a 21-session stretch, gaining more than 10% during that span. Silver was nearly flat, adding less than 0.1% to finish at $28.40 an ounce, writes Bill Musgrave with Dana Samuelson, vice president and president, American Gold Exchange Inc.
(Sponsored Content) Gold inched up $1.30, or less than 0.1%, to close at $2,161 before the Fed’s decision on interest rates yesterday. The metal then jumped around $10 an ounce in futures electronic trading after the central bank retained its projection of three rate cuts for 2024. Silver edged down less than 0.1% to $24.93 an ounce, writes Bill Musgrave with Dana Samuelson, vice president and president, American Gold Exchange Inc.
Sponsored Content - Independent coin grading and certification began in the mid-1980s with the founding of the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) in 1986 and the Numismatic Guarantee Corporation (NGC) in 1987, says Dana Samuelson, president, American Gold Exchange, Inc.

American Gold Exchange, Inc.'s Videos

Dana Samuelson will explain why the US economy is on the edge of a true recession, and potentially a severe one. Leading economic indicators have been weakening for several months and the future looks worse. Equity values may be especially vulnerable when you consider todays value metrics against every previous major economic turning point. Meanwhile gold has already rallied from cyclical lows but remains undervalued relative to the value of the US dollar, our debt, the global economy, and global inflation.
In this presentation, Dana Samuelson will explain how inflation has trapped the Fed into committing yet another policy error, one that will continue to reverberate in currency markets worldwide, which in turn has put gold and silver temporarily on sale. He'll also comment on why equities markets remain extremely vulnerable to further declines, and how gold offers safe haven in what could be six of the most turbulent economic months ahead of us all.

In this tutorial, 41-year gold market veteran Dana Samuelson will explain why gold hit record highs last August, why it corrected to cyclical lows in March, and why it is now rebounding again. Mr. Samuelson will identify and demystify the gold price drivers and elaborate on why the recent market gyrations are a normal market correction in an ongoing bull market. He'll also explain what he anticipates happening in the gold, silver, platinum, and palladium markets in the coming 12 to 24 months.
With over 40 years in the precious metals markets, few are more experienced than AGE president Dana Samuelson when it comes to physical precious metals. Tune in as he explains the best ways to own physical precious metals both in modern bullion and in vintage, pre-1933 US gold and European gold coins. Mr. Samuelson will also offer best practice do's and don'ts when buying and selling, and will provide information on the best ways to store and insure your physical holdings. As president of the Professional Numismatist Guild in 2016, he conceived of and helped to establish the industry Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force that today works with Homeland Security and the Secret Service to identify and seize counterfeit bullion coins and bars.


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