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Since 1982, Asset Strategies International, a Rockville, Maryland company, is an innovator in alternative asset ownership, including precious metalspre-1933 US gold coins, and global asset protection. ASI's mission that you "keep what's yours" is accomplished through carefully designed wealth strategies accessible to all.

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Sponsored Content - Recently, there has been a lot of press about Central Banks buying gold. It is completely true, says Rich Checkan, president & COO, Asset Strategies International.
Sponsored Content - After last year’s performance in investment markets, we will all gladly move onward, and it won’t take much at all to move upward, says Rich Checkan, president & COO, Asset Strategies International. 
Sponsored Content - Over the years, we have done our level best to share industry insights with you. Our hope in doing so is that you will better understand—and feel more comfortable in the process—of buying, storing, and selling precious metals, says Rich Checkan, president & COO, Asset Strategies International.
Sponsored Content - About 20 years ago, gold exchange traded funds (ETFs) made their appearance in financial markets. After two decades, they are still largely misunderstood. Let’s see if we can clear up some of the confusion, says Rich Checkan, president & COO, Asset Strategies International.

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"Stagflation is a period of stagnant economic growth accompanied by persistently high inflation and a sharp rise in unemployment." With no end in sight to the current inflation and the equities markets turning bearish, Rich Checkan will share what you can do to weather this stagflationary storm.
Most precious metals investment experts would tell you that silver is massively undervalued right now, and yet demand is off the charts! Rich Checkan explains why this phenomenon is occurring, and how you can diversify your portfolio with silver without having to worry about supply squeezes in the face of skyrocketing demand.

A world submerged into war is creating short-term volatility in the markets, but the threat to your portfolio is actually much more insidious and long-lasting. Rich Checkan explores the long-term drivers of economic instability, including mismanaged currencies and rising inflation, as well as how to combat these threats to your wealth with safe haven assets.

The pandemic economy is still buoyed up by the Everything Bubble, creating an environment of seemingly easy money. But with inflation rising fast, what tools are available to the Federal Reserve to fight it? And if they can't, how can individual investors like you protect your portfolio? Rich Checkan shares his insights on how to use gold and silver to respond to it all.