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Market crashes cause fear in many, but others see opportunity. Conditions can quickly change, and that’s why it’s so important to garner as much knowledge as possible from experts who have proven themselves over numerous market cycles. You’ll gain an in-depth understanding of market forces, insights into the risks and opportunities most investors miss, and learn how to position your portfolio accordingly.

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Almost two years ago I wrote a piece titled, Is It Time to Get Bullish on Green Bud? The cannabis stocks had been in the midst of a pretty serious crash in price after the bubble had burst a year or so beforehand, recalls Jesse Felder of The Felder Report.
The legal American cannabis market grew 50% during the last couple of years and is seen more than doubling by 2025 to become a $46 billion market, reports Mike Cintolo, growth expert and editor of Cabot Top Ten Trader.
The stock market remains at the most expensive levels ever. Plus, it is still extremely overbought on a technical basis, too. This tells us that a drop is probably coming soon, cautions Mary Anne and Pamela Aden, market timing experts and editors of The Aden Forecast.
I expect to see a long, multiyear uptrend for the housing market — including companies involved in homebuilding, suggests Frank Curzio, editor of Curzio Venture Opportunities.
Everyone knows that the Chinese word for crisis is made up of two characters that mean danger and opportunity, explains Boris Schlossberg of BK Asset Management.
Oil prices surged to the highest level since July after the Energy Information Administration (EIA reported that US crude oil supplies fell for the 6th week in a row, says Phil Flynn of the PRICE Futures Group.
We are in the grip of a veritable stock market mania, at least as lunatic as the tech mania in March 2000 and every bit as nutso as the September 1929 peak, cautions Alan Newman, market timing specialist and editor of CrossCurrents.
Investors shifted from buyers to sellers after returning from the Labor Day holiday, states Bonnie Gortler of
With a nod to Ray Kurzweil’s famous book: The Singularity Is Near about the fusing of man & machine, I would like to note the coming synchronicity of regional reopenings to finally encompass the globe, states Jay Palosky of TPW Advisory.
US equity markets pulled back on Friday and are starting to test levels which previously held as support, states Ian Murphy of

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Avi Gilburt will take you through his analysis to outline what he expects the S&P 500 and metals to do for the rest of 2021 and provide parameters to help you stay on the profitable side of the market. He will also give you his longer-term prognostication, which may not sit well with many long-term investors.
What does a new constitution mean for Chile and social turmoil mean for Colombia? Would they succeed in stopping the spread of the Venezuelan disease of consistently doing more wrongs to correct prior wrongs? Is there an escape for Brazil? What would these mean for their economic growths and the safety of supplies of commodities? And should one, in the future, trust commodity supply chains in the US or China's areas of influence? How would this change the perception about other commodity supplier nations?
The specter of inflation is all over the news and at the forefront of investors' minds. Of course, with raw materials prices soaring and deficit spending and monetary expansion going where no man (or FED) has gone before, inflation is a real concern. Our expert panel will tackle the tough question on everyone's mind: When will gold, silver, and mining stocks answer the call to fight these inflationary pressures, and what will that look like when they do?
Reliable One Resources introduces it brand new technology that has just revolutionized the Air Filtration industry. John Collier will be explaining how it has used its proprietary weaving technology at the nano-molecular level to make an air filter that is capable of blocking over 650 different pathogens from entering your indoor air space. The filter has gone through in-depth laboratory testing and is able to kill all bacteria and deactivate all viruses including Black Mold and Covid-19! If breathing clean air is a priority for you and your family, this is a presentation that you will not want to miss. Not only will you learn how we accomplished it but, you will also learn how to get one in the very near future to ensure that you and your family are breathing the cleanest, germ-free air possible.
Year-to-date, through April 30, 2021, the S&P Equal Weight 500 jumped 16.2%, recording the third-strongest four-month start to any year since 1990 (when the index was first introduced). How has such a strong start to the year translated to the market's subsequent performance? History says (but does not guarantee), that such early strength is typically followed by a volatile performance through September, before resuming its above-average advance during the remaining three months of the year. Will the same hold true for 2021? Sam Stovall, chief investment strategist at CFRA, will discuss this and other favorable indicators and share his market and sector outlooks the rest of this year.
Against the backdrop of continued tensions in US-China relations, a resurgence of Covid-19 infections in several states, and inflation fears, what can investors expect for the rest of the year? Our distinguished panel will dissect the economic, global trade, and political landscape and offer a unique perspective on the long- and short-term implications of these factors and more on your portfolio.
John Mousseau will discuss the bond markets, Fed policy, inflation, and a look down the road.
Farmland has consistently delivered higher returns than other investments with significantly less volatility, and Farmfolio has revolutionized the ability for individuals to own land directly while generating passive income without any sweat equity. Join Peter Badger to learn how the company does it, and how you can profit from its newest opportunity, a breathtaking Tahiti lime farm in one of the world's prime growing regions. With limes experiencing unprecedented global demand, this is an incredible chance to add farmland to your portfolio.
Jack Ablin is a founding partner and chief investment officer of Cresset Capital, a $14 billion investment firm serving high-net-worth individuals and family offices. Mr. Ablin will share his insights into macro strategy and asset allocation to help your investment portfolio thrive in the changing investment and political landscape.
Join Founder, Galiano Tiramani, as he discusses why the construction industry is ripe for disruption and how Boxabl will lead the change.


Cruises’s renowned market experts help you go beyond the latest market news to unravel the effects of geopolitical events on the global economy, analyze the current market environment to identify hot spots for potential investments, and discern the long-term market and economic trends and opportunities around the world.

There are no sure-shot techniques for market forecasting and analysis. If one were developed, it wouldn’t work for long, since as everyone applied it, its foundation would change significantly. There’s an excess of data in the world today, so the trick is to spot the one or two key variables in a specific time. They could be Fed policy, consumer behavior, foreign trade wars, etc. Any these factors could change, sometimes several times, throughout the year. That’s why it’s important to keep up with market news and the ever-changing conditions. For a framework to add value, it must entail market-moving events that have a good chance of occurring, but are not yet within the consensus.

Research has consistently shown that Investors are more surprised by bear than bull markets, and economic and financial market downturns unfold faster than upswings. Successful investing entails studying varying perspectives, then folding in history, experiences, hunches—and great timing. The goal is to identify the significant but undiscounted aspects of the outlook. This is where the true opportunities for investors lie and where our experts excel.

We feature more than just stock market news. Our expert contributors are renowned investing and trading veterans who have survived—and thrived—in all kinds of market conditions and they share in-depth intelligence about the markets and the catalysts driving them to help you chart your path to growth and prosperity in any market environment.