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Physical Precious Metals--Best Choices--Do's and Don'ts

Released on Tuesday, April 20, 2021COMMODITIES
With over 40 years in the precious metals markets, few are more experienced than AGE president Dana Samuelson when it comes to physical precious metals. Tune in as he explains the best ways to own physical precious metals both in modern bullion and in vintage, pre-1933 US gold and European gold coins. Mr. Samuelson will also offer best practice do's and don'ts when buying and selling, and will provide information on the best ways to store and insure your physical holdings. As president of the Professional Numismatist Guild in 2016, he conceived of and helped to establish the industry Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force that today works with Homeland Security and the Secret Service to identify and seize counterfeit bullion coins and bars.

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