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Learn to Profit from Investor-Sentiment Analysis and Avoid Its Pitfalls

Released on Friday, February 9, 2018STRATEGIES
Successful online finance brands such as Stocktwits, Estimize, iSentium, and others have built entire businesses around harnessing the predictive power of the masses to anticipate market trends. In doing so, they had to avoid the many dangers that surround a poorly created index to create something truly valuable. Will investor-sentiment analysis ever become a widely used factor? How has social media changed the available data and has it resulted in more accurate signals or just a lot more noise? Investopedia CEO David Siegel and panelists will explore these questions to help you profit from investor sentiment and avoid its pitfalls.

Kumesh Aroomoogan
Accern, Co-Founder and CEO
Ian Rosen
StockTwits, Inc., CEO
Gautham Sastri
iSentium, LLC, President and CEO
David Siegel
Investopedia, CEO

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