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The market continues to grind higher and higher, but geo-political tensions in North Korea, China, UK, Venezuela, and now Spain have drastically increased the probability of a sharp correction. Under such an uncertain condition, we as traders MUST stay nimble and focus on using short-term strategies. The goal is to get in and out of the market FAST in order to minimize capital exposure as much as possible.In this highly anticipated session, Matt is going to show you a simple yet effective short-term options strategy to trade this dangerous market. Using butterfly spread and taking advantage of time decay, Matt will show you step-by-step his TGI FLY-DAY strategy where he is in and out of trades within 4 days. Moreover, Matt will show you exactly how to structure the trade to capture more than 20% ROI on a weekly basis yes that's WEEKLY.At the end of Matt's session, you will walk away with a complete and proven strategy that you can use immediately for your trading. If you want to learn a nimble and consistently profitable options strategy, then this is one presentation that you can't miss!
Matt Choi, CMT
Duration: 45:54